A Tribute to Bernie Dondiego, FAFS Founder


Faith, family and community. These are what mattered most to FAFS’ founder Bernie Dondiego, who passed away on July 7, 2015.

To read our full tribute to Bernie, visit our website.

One thought on “A Tribute to Bernie Dondiego, FAFS Founder

  1. My name is Kathy Towner and I was in foster care from 2 to 18 years old I had some good times and bad we were molested and hit on the head alot and was told we didnt bruise on the head we were hit with belt or hands i got alot of bloody lips alot if we were bad some times we were sent to our rooms and we had to kneel down beside our beds for hours and some times our foster mother would go shopping and she would come home and forget about us and say why are you in your room it is a nice day go outside and play my 3 sisters and I lived in the same foster home so we were there for each other but I am mad because the state never checked on us we were housekeepers cooks I grew up being scared all the time afraid of doing new things I never asked to be in foster care but I often talk to my sisters and were all angry the family we lived with just through us away like we were garbage their animals were treated better then were why were we treated like that is because of the money they got I remember not getting school clothes when we got a little older we lived with the daughter of our foster mother and the bought a brand new car a brand new pool table we were not alowed to touch it at all brand new speed boat when me and my older sister were molested we never seen any one and my foster father was alowed to come over if my mona or ernie were home my foster father called us a whore and a slut parden my language he is dead now but you live with is for ever I dont know why I am writing this I have night mares I got pregnant when I was 18 and gave up my son because I was scared that Iwould treat my son bad because of the way I was treated I often think about my son

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