Five Things from 1974 That Are No Longer Around While FAFS is Still Going Strong

Parent and Child BondingA lot has changed over the last four decades. The price of milk was around $1.57 per gallon and a dozen eggs were about $0.78. How about only paying $.53 per gallon for gas? With the increase of Sport Utility Vehicles on the road, super low gas prices may be appreciated today more than before. With the ever-changing trends in society, what existed forty years ago can seem like ancient times – although it wasn’t as long ago as it may seem. Here is a quick look back at five things from 1974 that are no longer around.

Five Things from 1974 That Are No Longer Around – Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act

Due to the gas shortage of the 1970s, President Richard Nixon signed an act in 1974 to lower the speed limit in hopes of conserving energy. With the Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act, speeds were lowered from an average of 40-80 mph to a maximum of 55 mph. It was believed that this would prevent Americans from the need to purchase gas in surplus amounts. To enforce the act, Nixon prohibited the Department of Transportation from providing any funding to states that would not adhere to the new rule. By the late 1980s, Congress made efforts to have each state determine speed limits within their own borders; that eventually developed into the act being fully repealed in 1995.

Five Things from 1974 That Are No Longer Around – 1974 Playskool McDonald’s Play Set

“Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun.” That was the famous slogan for the golden arches in 1974. Before there were actual play areas in McDonald’s, the infamous Playschool McDonald’s Play Set was the toy to have in 1974. This popular restaurant model took children into the wonderful world of friendly McDonald’s characters and the imagination of the unforgettable tastes of happy meals and shakes. Although they are no longer in production, vintage models are available online. If you’re looking for the ultimate McDonald’s experience though, you can always visit your local restaurant. Chances are they’ll have an indoor play set large enough for any kid (or kid at heart).

Five Things from 1974 That Are No Longer Around – 1974 CitiCar

Five Things from 1974 That Are No Longer AroundBefore the evolution of the Smart car, Tesla Roadster and other modes of transportation that rely on electricity and battery power, there was the CitiCar. Initially produced in 1974 by a Florida based company called Sebring-Vanguard, Inc., the CitiCar was designed in part to aid in the gas crisis during the early 1970s. However, its golf cart design did not make it as durable as they hoped it to be. That, coupled with the fact that it couldn’t accelerate past an estimated 30 mph, contributed to its discontinuation just a few years later.

Five Things from 1974 That Are No Longer Around – Little House on the Prairie

Five Things from 1974 That Are No Longer AroundWhen you think of a wholesome television family show in the 1970s, Little House on the Prairie will most likely be one of shows that come to mind. Piloted in 1974, this drama series about a Minnesota family living together and facing life’s struggles and triumphs on a farm warmed of the hearts of people in households throughout the country. The story derived from the best-selling book series Little House, written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The show touched on many sensitive topics at the time including alcoholism, racism and even adoption. Due to its wide-spread popularity, there was a spin-off to the original show and a few made for TV post-series specials. Even though it’s no longer in production, you can share special moments with the fictional Ingalls family via syndication and through DVD and blue ray discs.

Five Things from 1974 That Are No Longer Around – Primitive Word Processors

As we sit in front of our large computer screens with access to a variety of keyboards and mouses alike, we can hold a new appreciation for our predecessors and the primitive word processors they had to use. Scattered in offices throughout the country in 1974, they were definitely the upgrade of their earlier form (the typewriter). They had the ability to edit, compose, format, spell check and in some cases, print the material that was written. While later versions of word processors still flourish, the primitive word processor will be known as the genesis of electronic computer devices.

So, there you have it. It’s important to take a look at where we have been to understand where we are, and where we strive to go. Progression is an inevitable part of life, but it’s always good take a look back every once in a while to appreciate and pay homage to fond memories and innovations that have propelled us to an enlightening present looking towards an ever-advancing future.

Five Things from 1974 That Are No Longer Around – While FAFS is Still Going Strong

One thing that began in 1974 and is still around is Foster and Adoptive Family Services (FAFS). It all began at a kitchen table with foster parents that wanted the tools to provide the best for their children in care. Fast forward to forty years later, FAFS is going stronger than ever by providing support to foster, adoptive and kinship families. Thanks to those who paved the way and to those who continue to carry on its mission, vision and purpose, FAFS’ light continues to shine.

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