Foster Care Advocates Partner With State For Improved Services

Foster Care AdvocatesWhat started off as a partnership between three foster parents grew into a statewide group of foster care advocates.

One of the reasons Foster and Adoptive Family Services (FAFS) has survived and thrived for forty years is our unique perspective as an organization. Some foster care organizations tend to be in conflict with child welfare agencies. FAFS strives to work with our state’s Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P, formerly DYFS) as foster care advocates to make sure kids in foster care get what they need – including capable and caring foster parents. Continue reading

NJ Foster Care History Timeline The 1980s

The 1980s were a time of growth and change that led to many positive developments for New Jersey’s foster families.

“We are proud of New Jersey’s distinction as the national model of partnership between a State child services agency and foster parents. Together we are setting an example for state agencies in recognizing the invaluable contribution that foster parents can have – not only in caring for thousands of children on a daily basis, but also in shaping the quality and diversity of substitute care services for the future.” Nicholas Scalera

NJ Foster Care History Timeline: The 1980s

1983 – Foster and Adoptive Family Services‘ partnership with DYFS as advocates, not adversaries, begins

1983 – NJFPA becomes the first state association to receive state funding for advocacy, in-service training and recruitment of foster homes

1983 – NJFPA receives DYFS policy regarding foster care for review and comment before implementation

1983 – Support Groups for Foster Parents (then known as Volunteer Committees) now in every county in NJ

1983 – Legislation on foster care programs/services amounting to over four million dollars introduced in Senate and Assembly

1983 –  Governor Thomas Kean designates May as Foster Parent Month in NJ

1986 –  Touch A Life (Become a Foster Parent) ad campaign debuts – created for NJFPA from donations of professional service through the NJ Council on Advertising.

1987 –  Liability insurance program for foster parents established

1987 –  Foster Parent support worker position introduced